Programme Features

The BBA Programme in Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis (IFAA), offered by the Department of Finance of the CUHK Business School, was started in September 2002. The programme provides an in-depth education in insurance, finance, and actuarial science to students who wish to be actuaries, financial analysts, risk managers in insurance companies, banks, and other financial institutions. Since its inception, the programme has attracted among the most outstanding and academically accomplished students in Hong Kong.

Elementary courses in the IFAA programme focus on fundamental business, economics, mathematics and statistics, and provide students with the necessary grounding for advanced courses that follow. Subsequent insurance, and finance courses further broaden students’ knowledge in related areas by introducing insurance products, financial markets and derivative securities as well as basic principles in financial risk management. Specialised actuarial science courses cover the mathematics in pricing, valuation and hedging of a variety of products to prepare students for careers as actuaries in both the life insurance and the non-life insurance sectors. They also help them master material included in professional actuarial exams administered by international actuarial associations such as the Society of Actuaries in the US.

In sum, students who complete the IFAA programme will be in a strong position to begin exciting and rewarding careers in the insurance industry and related elds.

Learning Goals

By completion of the Programme, our graduates will have:

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